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Security issues with Computers and other Information/Communications Technology


CMRG best practices currently recommends the use of a TrustedPhysicalConsole, also known as a TPC.

A TPC, combined with a healthy Public Key Infrastructure, strong cryptography, and backend server resources controlled by people you trust, provides for an unprecedented level of private, authenticated, global communications. However, most ICT users today don't know enough or have enough support to make good use of these tools.

TLS/X.509 workarounds

If you are trying to offer two separate name-based web services over HTTPS from a single IP address, you should look into using the SubjectAltName X.509 extension

fundamental free tools for cryptographically-secure communications

If you want to do cryptographically-secure communications over the internet using free tools, you should become familiar with a few staples:

network authentication schemes

Some pages worth reading when thinking about security in today's networked environment include: