Firefox (Iceweasel in Debian) is a sucky web browser, but it sucks less than all the other ones.

Here are some useful extensions:

  • NoScript -- useful for denying javascript/flash/whatever executions from sites you don't know or trust. This is also useful for curious users of the web who want to know what sites are using scripts and what aren't. Also useful for blocking out adsense and other javascript-based advertising "features"
  • Permit Cookies -- useful for denying or limiting cookie privileges, as well as seeing what sites are using cookies
  • Web Developer -- super useful for figuring out how a web page works, or for debugging one you are working on (in Debian as "iceweasel-webdeveloper").
  • Go Up -- very simple manipulation of urls from the keyboard.
  • Master Password Timeout -- expires the master password after a specified amount of time.
  • Flashblock -- replace Flash objects with an icon that can be clicked to activate them.

Intriguing extensions that we need to look into:

  • MozEx -- enable external commands from mozilla, including triggering an arbitrary editor from within a textarea by hotkey. emacs, here we come! caveat: this does sound a bit scary, because of the potential for browser compromise.
  • It's All Text! -- lets you edit text areas in your text editor of choice. simpler, less configurable than MozEx, but that might make it more secure. unfortunately, it doesn't include any hotkey access that i can see.
  • FormFox (shows the action target of any web form)
  • SubmitToTab (allows you to click the submit button of a form and have the result open in a new tab or window)
  • SaveTextArea (lets you save/load text areas from a file)
  • CertViewer (additional information about certficates -- could this be used as a template for handling OpenPGP certs?)
  • Aging Tabs (makes tabs change color depending on how long ago you accessed them)
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