where to get an alix board for routing

mini-box seems to have alix boards and cases in stock as of 2008-04-08. The canonical place to find vendors is on the manufacturer's site.

For a recommended system for use as a wired router, you could get (prices current as of 2008-04-08):

Total cost: $180

You may want to also read our notes about setup and configuration, which include info about how to install a mainboard battery to deal with system clock maintenance across power failures.

If you don't have a null-modem serial cable to connect to the console, you should probably get one. If you don't have a machine with a standard DB9 serial port to work from at all, you might also want a USB-to-serial adapter, which is useful for lots of machines (not just connecting to the alix board). We recommend selecting a USB-to-serial adapter with the "prolific" (a.k.a. pl2303) chipset.

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