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Biking in New York City

Useful sites for navigating NYC by bike:

Ride The City
trip planning around town
NY Cycle Club's Risk Assessment Survey
help gather data about what makes biking dangerous. the more we know, the better we can direct our efforts at making it safer and more inviting. (from the NY Cycle Club)
citizen action documenting obstructions in bike lanes. You can freely submit photos and contribute to their database. It looks like they aggregate stats by License Plate number, so repeat offenders will be more visible
statistics about dangerous NYC intersections (courtesy of Transportation Alternatives
The Ghost Bike Project
commemorating cyclists killed on the street.
Times' Up!
radical direct action for promoting a sustainable, livable city. Lots of great rides and trip suggestions, and a celebratory atmosphere around biking. Trainings and workshops on bike repair as well.
NYC Cycling map
an online version of the NYC Cycling map. You can pick up hardcopy of these great maps for free at any reasonable bike shop. Updated annually, with bike lane/markings, detailed bridge approaches, and icons and contact info for nearby bike shops in case you need a quick repair on a long ride.