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CMRG Trac Wiki


  • debirf - Debian-on-initramfs
  • cereal - automated, logged serial terminal management system
  • xhmtp - extensible http mail transport protocol

CMRG maintains a CMRG Debian apt repository for many of our projects. The repository is signed with dkg's GPG key. You can learn how to import the gpg key into apt.


  • FreeSoftware - notes about free software development
  • security - ideas about secure use of computers and other information/communications technology
  • BashFunctions - useful bash shell functions
  • emacs - emacs notes
  • firefox - firefox notes
  • trac - trac notes
  • - a free office suite
  • Debian filesystem - notes on various files in Debian filesystem
  • netiquette - how to stay sane and help others stay sane in an age of information overload
  • Programming - thoughts and theories about how to code
  • Mac OS X - tips and thoughts about dealing with a partly-free operating system.
  • Xen - notes about using one of the leading free virtualization tools