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(edit) @1353   7 years dkg use relative paths with mknod to work around #611156
(edit) @1352   7 years dkg fix a dumb typo.
(edit) @1351   7 years dkg highlight blocks of 4 rows each on the attendee index.
(edit) @1350   7 years dkg debirf: do not just remove lines in runit postinst, because it can …
(edit) @1349   7 years dkg changing styles and schedules at request of phyllis
(edit) @1348   7 years dkg wording tweak
(edit) @1347   7 years dkg updated schedule for 2011-01-31
(edit) @1346   7 years jrollins update debian packaging for 0.28 release
(edit) @1345   7 years dkg updated to suggestion from phyllis
(edit) @1344   7 years dkg jpdd: updated for sep 25th workshop, 2010
(edit) @1343   8 years dkg added tools for dealing with NAND-based flash storage …
(edit) @1342   8 years dkg moved rescue packages to their own lines
(edit) @1341   8 years jrollins Debian packaing updates
(edit) @1340   8 years jrollins fix usage output when no subcommand specified
(edit) @1339   8 years jrollins clean up references to bash with PGRM variable also fix formatting …
(edit) @1338   8 years jrollins fix man page spelling error
(edit) @1337   8 years jrollins fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign man page lint
(edit) @1336   8 years dkg debirf addressing DebianBug:570778
(edit) @1335   8 years dkg preparing for 0.27-1 release.
(edit) @1334   8 years dkg debirf: ensure that non-main and security repositories can be made …
(edit) @1333   8 years dkg debirf: added info about packaging tuneups to debian/changelog
(edit) @1332   8 years dkg updating ISO creation process, switching from DEBIRF_ELTORITO to …
(edit) @1331   8 years dkg updated makeiso process to use newer grub-mkrescue
(edit) @1330   8 years dkg debirf: update checks for kernel/initramfs in makeiso
(edit) @1329   8 years dkg jpdd: convert unicode to ISO-8859-1 for pdf output, since that is all …
(edit) @1328   8 years dkg updated speaker for 2010-02-01 event
(edit) @1327   8 years dkg JPDD: updated schedule for feb 1 development day
(edit) @1326   8 years dkg moved ttf-fifthhorseman-dkg-handwriting out of CMRG repo, to git
(edit) @1325   8 years dkg pidoffooler: testing how to fool pidof and other simplistic searches …
(edit) @1324   8 years dkg updated speaker info for workshop
(edit) @1323   8 years dkg removed location from speaker
(edit) @1322   8 years dkg updating location (unknown!)
(edit) @1321   8 years dkg adding changes from PT to schedule
(edit) @1320   8 years dkg debirf added xauth xfonts-base udev to xkiosk at the suggestion of adb …
(edit) @1319   8 years dkg xdotool removal: missed some files somehow
(edit) @1318   8 years dkg removed xdotool from svn, now doing debian packaging of xdotool with git
(edit) @1317   8 years jrollins debirf: add cpio to debootstrap INCLUDE cpio is needed, but not …
(edit) @1316   8 years dkg debirf: tagging 0.25-1
(edit) @1315   8 years jrollins debirf: update changelog about formalizing debian copyright file
(edit) @1314   8 years jrollins debirf: formalize debian copyright file
(edit) @1313   8 years dkg debirf: switching debian/changelog to go in unstable as we prepare for …
(edit) @1312   8 years jrollins debirf: add gpgv as a debootstrap INCLUDE to make sure packages can be …
(edit) @1311   8 years dkg handle choosing a KNAME more cleanly when the metapackage has multiple …
(edit) @1310   8 years dkg debirf: make ubuntu installations default to karmic.
(edit) @1309   8 years jrollins debirf: remove old broken link to install-udev module in rescue example
(edit) @1308   8 years jrollins debirf: fix launchpad (LP) bug reference
(edit) @1307   8 years jrollins debirf: use more generic kernel package name to try to find kernel package
(edit) @1306   8 years jrollins debirf: ack! fix more stupid commits Some things were accidentally …
(edit) @1305   8 years jrollins debirf: undo last commit that was a dumb mistake
(edit) @1304   8 years jrollins fix debian changelog that had somehow gotten out of sync with actual …
(edit) @1303   8 years jrollins debirf: redirect logs to stderr
(edit) @1302   8 years jrollins debirf: fix kernel/initramfs checking in makeiso
(edit) @1301   8 years dkg complete removal of default-package-list, since we are no longer …
(edit) @1300   8 years dkg updated changelog with patch from jamie mcclelland
(edit) @1299   8 years dkg sendfiletester: only print the errors if sendfile actually fails
(edit) @1298   8 years jrollins improve grub configuration for iso, so that only a single menuentry is …
(edit) @1297   8 years jrollins remove no longer needed install-udev module
(edit) @1296   8 years jrollins fix busybox version requirement in control
(edit) @1295   8 years jrollins use busybox cpio in nest now that it's been fixed
(edit) @1294   8 years dkg making cmrg apt repo keep old versions around for historical interest
(edit) @1293   8 years dkg tagging debirf 0.24-1
(edit) @1292   8 years dkg fix WHERE selections (disjunctions and conjunction order of operations …
(edit) @1291   8 years dkg wordsmithing in the manual
(edit) @1290   8 years jrollins change makeiso grub now use dkg's fancy serial/console chooser, and …
(edit) @1289   8 years dkg make sure the fallback does not trigger if serial was chosen
(edit) @1288   8 years dkg remember to insmod configfile before trying to load this one in
(edit) @1287   8 years dkg added a grub2 script that allows choosing between serial and graphical …
(edit) @1286   8 years jrollins add debian NEWS about change to squeeze default, and remove obsolete …
(edit) @1285   8 years dkg updated docs to refer to the lenny -> squeeze change in defaults.
(edit) @1284   8 years jrollins Use isolinux as default eltorito bootloader for iso, since grub2 does …
(edit) @1283   8 years jrollins make default suite 'squeeze', and clean up some logging
(edit) @1282   8 years jrollins use apt-get to install rescue packages, since it seems to be behaving …
(edit) @1281   8 years jrollins fix small bug in root bash prompt
(edit) @1280   8 years jrollins small tweak to usage
(edit) @1279   8 years jrollins explicitly delete root password in prep module, so that passwordless …
(edit) @1278   8 years jrollins add version to grub-pc recommends, and remove old suggests on …
(edit) @1277   8 years dkg explaining why absolute path (or a path lacking ".", anyway) is needed
(edit) @1276   8 years jrollins update standards to 3.8.3
(edit) @1275   8 years jrollins fix buildd absolutization (typo) and update changelog
(edit) @1274   8 years jrollins update makeiso to use new grub-mkrescue utility from grub-pc package …
(edit) @1273   8 years jrollins add an upgrade to prep
(edit) @1272   8 years jrollins make absolute the path the buildd, as a way around the getcwd problem …
(edit) @1271   8 years dkg transitioned libvorbisidec (tremor) out of this repository into its …
(edit) @1270   8 years dkg added -w 1 timeout to nc for ssh passthru script (thanks, Matt Goins!)
(edit) @1269   8 years dkg adding schedule
(edit) @1268   8 years dkg updating for new workshop
(edit) @1267   8 years dkg added some egregiously simple C programs to test system behavior under …
(edit) @1266   8 years jrollins cereal: update standards version to 3.8.3
(edit) @1265   8 years jrollins cereal: Improve handling of users and groups specified by uid/gid or …
(edit) @1264   8 years jrollins fix retrieval of environment variable from env dir (only pull first line)
(edit) @1263   8 years dkg debirf: tagging 0.23-1
(edit) @1262   8 years dkg ready to roll out 0.23-1
(edit) @1261   8 years jrollins some small usage tweaks
(edit) @1260   8 years dkg debirf fixes (thanks to Guido Günther and lintian) -- if this tests ok …
(edit) @1259   9 years dkg libvorbisidec: tagging 1.0.2+svn15687-1
(edit) @1258   9 years dkg libvorbisidec: preparing for release of new version.
(edit) @1257   9 years dkg libvorbisidec: streamlining debian packaging
(edit) @1256   9 years dkg libvorbisidec: updated source in preparation for new version.
(edit) @1255   9 years dkg xdotool: upgrading to 20090330
(edit) @1254   9 years dkg [svn-upgrade] Tagging new upstream version, xdotool (20090330)
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