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(edit) @1444   18 months dkg new workshop from phyllis
(edit) @1443   18 months dkg updated to existing version
(edit) @1442   3 years dkg set up new moderation study
(edit) @1441   3 years dkg make attendee index more readable * limit the paging to 100 people …
(edit) @1440   3 years dkg moved tls-centralization to …
(edit) @1439   3 years dkg list propser and associated workshops in proposal list
(edit) @1438   3 years dkg display organizations as well as name
(edit) @1437   3 years dkg and actually allow people to click on the link
(edit) @1436   3 years dkg allow signups while we are advertising for new proposals
(edit) @1435   3 years dkg make the joined notes about presenters a bit clearer in the resulting …
(edit) @1434   3 years dkg no need for the label
(edit) @1433   3 years dkg clarify which box goes with which field
(edit) @1432   3 years dkg break out presenters into separate field on proposal
(edit) @1431   3 years dkg added schedule for 2014-02-03 workshop
(edit) @1430   3 years dkg address concerns from phyllis about confusion over startup without …
(edit) @1429   3 years dkg reorganize proposal submission page
(edit) @1428   3 years dkg more cleanup of the private notes presentation
(edit) @1427   3 years dkg merge the suggestions together so that it is clear that the private …
(edit) @1426   3 years dkg default to minimum of 5 attendees
(edit) @1425   3 years dkg show all current proposals submitted by each user
(edit) @1424   3 years dkg name member variables properly.
(edit) @1423   3 years dkg initialize active event properly.
(edit) @1422   3 years dkg add a link to submit proposals
(edit) @1421   3 years dkg missed a function invocation
(edit) @1420   3 years dkg link to proposer and show private notes to the decider
(edit) @1419   3 years dkg link to list of proposals
(edit) @1418   3 years dkg clean up presentation of linked workshop
(edit) @1417   3 years dkg clean up html output
(edit) @1416   3 years dkg and use the proposal correctly
(edit) @1415   3 years dkg extract the proposal correctly
(edit) @1414   3 years dkg sigh. database field names are sensible.
(edit) @1413   3 years dkg include link to proposal from workshop
(edit) @1412   3 years dkg clean up html for proposals
(edit) @1411   3 years dkg prep the workshop class before creating it.
(edit) @1410   3 years dkg improve workshop insertions
(edit) @1409   3 years dkg workshop needs to be explicitly returned.
(edit) @1408   3 years dkg passing parameters directly instead of just the proposal ID
(edit) @1407   3 years dkg sigh. php array syntax.
(edit) @1406   3 years dkg correct workshop creation from proposal
(edit) @1405   3 years dkg use the same name for both places
(edit) @1404   3 years dkg allow the accept action
(edit) @1403   3 years dkg attempt to make proposal translation work
(edit) @1402   3 years dkg always show proposed minimums and maximums
(edit) @1401   3 years dkg clean up proposal detail
(edit) @1400   3 years dkg disallow listing privileges
(edit) @1399   3 years dkg no need for rooms for proposal
(edit) @1398   3 years dkg fix longstanding mistake
(edit) @1397   3 years dkg update proposals so that anyone can submit them and can edit their own …
(edit) @1396   3 years cmrgsvnsync first pass at a new proposal type object
(edit) @1395   3 years dkg update for new conference
(edit) @1394   4 years dkg updated schedule
(edit) @1393   4 years dkg sort roles by current event and past event
(edit) @1392   4 years dkg updated timing
(edit) @1391   4 years dkg new scheduling
(edit) @1390   4 years dkg moved faketime packaging to git
(edit) @1389   4 years dkg allow people who have "Manage Signups" privileges to associate people …
(edit) @1388   4 years dkg avoid creating new accounts when signup is closed, but allow new …
(edit) @1387   4 years dkg liaison view should announce itself more clearly
(edit) @1386   4 years dkg display number of attendees in liaison view for january conferences
(edit) @1385   4 years dkg handle organization view properly
(edit) @1384   4 years dkg avoid a bunch of common 404s
(edit) @1383   4 years dkg modified organization view
(edit) @1382   4 years dkg fix plural
(edit) @1381   4 years dkg including schedule details
(edit) @1380   4 years dkg preparing for new announcement
(edit) @1379   5 years dkg documenting the svn → git move
(edit) @1378   5 years dkg removed tweak repository (moved to git://
(edit) @1377   5 years dkg documenting properly
(edit) @1376   5 years dkg removed redir from cmrg repo; it can now be found at …
(edit) @1375   5 years dkg create default constructors. bleh boilerplate.
(edit) @1374   5 years dkg avoid warning about uninitialized member
(edit) @1373   5 years dkg sigh
(edit) @1372   5 years dkg an explicit constructor for JPDD_Workshop
(edit) @1371   5 years dkg the web server should be able to see which people have which role
(edit) @1370   5 years dkg use the correct variable name. sigh.
(edit) @1369   5 years dkg silly typo fixes
(edit) @1368   5 years dkg s/tablename/table/ -- i do not know how this worked before
(edit) @1367   5 years dkg clean up db.sql for new installs
(edit) @1366   5 years dkg adding explicit constructors
(edit) @1365   5 years dkg remove one more call-time pass-by-reference
(edit) @1364   5 years dkg make sure the declarations of handleAdditionalNewAccountUpdates() match
(edit) @1363   5 years dkg remove call-time pass-by-reference
(edit) @1362   5 years dkg update date for new conference
(edit) @1361   5 years dkg corrected Verisign implementation: …
(edit) @1360   6 years dkg removed unused repositories
(edit) @1359   6 years jrollins remove directories
(edit) @1358   6 years jrollins cereal: moved to git
(edit) @1357   6 years dkg debirf: removed lingering bits i missed the first time
(edit) @1356   6 years dkg debirf: moved to git
(edit) @1355   6 years dkg moving vblade-persist source and packaging to git
(edit) @1354   6 years jrollins clarify -w option in help
(edit) @1353   6 years dkg use relative paths with mknod to work around #611156
(edit) @1352   6 years dkg fix a dumb typo.
(edit) @1351   6 years dkg highlight blocks of 4 rows each on the attendee index.
(edit) @1350   6 years dkg debirf: do not just remove lines in runit postinst, because it can …
(edit) @1349   6 years dkg changing styles and schedules at request of phyllis
(edit) @1348   6 years dkg wording tweak
(edit) @1347   6 years dkg updated schedule for 2011-01-31
(edit) @1346   6 years jrollins update debian packaging for 0.28 release
(edit) @1345   7 years dkg updated to suggestion from phyllis
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