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debirf: added parted to the rescue module.

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1#!/bin/bash -e
3# debirf module: rescue
4# remove/install extra packages for disk rescue with apt-get
6# The debirf scripts were written by
7# Jameson Rollins <>
8# and
9# Daniel Kahn Gillmor <>.
11# They are Copyright 2007, and are all released under the GPL,
12# version 3 or later.
14# preseed.  helpful link:
16debirf_exec debconf-set-selections <<EOF
17# Do you want to start MD arrays automatically?
18mdadm mdadm/autostart boolean false
19# MD arrays needed for the root filesystem:
20mdadm mdadm/initrdstart string none
21# Proceed with starting arrays not listed in mdadm.conf?
22mdadm mdadm/initrdstart_notinconf boolean false
23# Do you want to start the MD monitoring daemon?
24mdadm mdadm/start_daemon boolean false
25# Recipient for email notifications:
26mdadm mdadm/mail_to string root
27# Should mdadm run monthly redundancy checks of the MD arrays?
28mdadm mdadm/autocheck boolean false
31# why does apt-get insist on pulling recommends?  something is strange.
32# using aptitude for now, which is also ignoring --without-recommends for
33# some reason, but which can at least be told explicitly to ignore
34# unneeded packages:
35# courier-mta mailx bsd-mailx
36#debirf_exec apt-get --assume-yes install lvm2 lsof hdparm pciutils testdisk foremost mdadm smartmontools
37debirf_exec aptitude --without-recommends --assume-yes install lvm2 lsof hdparm partimage parted pciutils testdisk foremost mdadm smartmontools eject wodim ddrescue cryptsetup sdparm ntfsprogs hfsprogs hfsutils e2undel recover e2tools fatresize dosfstools tofrodos courier-mta- mailx- bsd-mailx-
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