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cereal: i got way overzealous and did not pay attention, so i am reverting the uid changes i just made outside of the debian/ directory. i am also reverting some other the changes that Daniel made that i thought were ultimately not necessary, so as to keep the total number of diffs to an absolute minimum. i will now completely stop mucking with things, and will accept whatever changes Daniel thinks are best for the backport. all appologies.

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1#!/bin/sh -e
3# The cereal scripts were written by
4# Jameson Rollins <>
5# and
6# Daniel Kahn Gillmor <>.
8# They are Copyright 2007, and are all released under the GPL, version 3
9# or later.
11exec 2>./socket 1>&2
14export SHAREDIR
16# check the exit code of run, and remove the lock if it's NOT 73
17# (which is exit code of lockfile if a lock file already existed).
19if [ "$RUN_EXIT_CODE" != 73 ] ; then
20    exec chpst -e ./env sh -c ". $SHAREDIR/common && remove_lock"
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